A Comprehensive Guide for Cleaning an Office

by ARIA Commercial Cleaning Services

A clean office is essential to the success of any business. Not only does it attract people to your business, but a clean working environment also converts such prospects to paying customers.

Think about it, would you be comfortable patronizing a business with an untidy office? You’ll definitely have the impression that the product or service from such a company will be mediocre, just like the shabby office.

Besides enhancing patronage, a tidy workspace also creates a vibrant work environment that motivates the workforce in an office. That is why it is essential to be thorough when it comes to maintaining a clean office. Let’s take a look at the guidelines for maintaining a sterling office space.

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Get Organized

Your office must maintain a tidy culture to make the tasks of cleaning easy.  Getting organized is essential, whether you have an in-house cleaning staff or you’ve contracted office cleaning to professionals.

The staff in an office should maintain a level of decorum. Feet should be kept off the tables, and loose papers must not be left littering the work desk. Use a shredder to destroy unwanted documents, rather than stuffing the wastebasket. The mug should be stored on the shelf immediately after use.

These are guidelines employees should follow to maintain a tidy workspace. Therefore, both the employees and the professional cleaning company have a role to play in maintaining a clean and attractive office.

You Need a Cleaning Schedule

Every part of an office should be kept clean and attractive. Right from the exterior windows to the steps, the lobby, front desk, individual workspace, and of course, the restroom.

Although all locations in an office need to be cleaned, the cleaning requirements and frequency do differ. For instance, some places simply need dusting every day, while other locations such as the restroom need to be washed and disinfected.

While removing the trash is a daily task, cleaning windows with glass cleaners to remove strains is not an everyday affair.

Before we go into the recommended schedules for various office cleaning routines, let’s discuss one of the most essential types of cleaning in an office environment -dusting.

Why is Dusting Important?

Dust is a nuisance in every building, including your office. These are tiny microscopic particles that can become airborne. They eventually settle down on desks, tables, chairs, windows, blinds, ceiling, and other parts of the building interior. These nasty particles contain elements of pollen, hair, mites, fabrics, decaying insects, and even dead skin cells.

Apart from being a significant source of dirt in office interiors, dust irritates the skin, eyes, and lungs; it can even trigger or worsen an existing allergy. Moreover, the accumulation of dust in electronic devices can cause performance issues or a complete breakdown of machines.  That is why it is essential to implement an office dusting program. If you are using our daily or weekly office cleaning service, furniture dust, as well as low and high dusting, cannot be an issue.

Although commercial cleaners are well suited for tackling dust in your office, you may need to improvise at times. If your office comprehensive cleaning arrangement is less frequent, you should provide microfiber cloth in your office. Advise staff to moist the fabric and wipe the dust on their workspace when the need arises. It’s a positive approach to maintaining a healthy workspace.

Daily Cleaning

Now, let’s consider the recommended cleaning schedules in an office.

Perform the following cleaning activities every day.

  • Pick and dispose of papers, bottles, and other debris that litter tables and the floor.
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces such as chairs tables, shelves, etc.
  • Clean the floor and foot mats with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget the elevator and stairs.
  • Take note and clean all stains on the furniture, floor, carpets and other furnishings. Use a stain remover to clean the stubborn ones.
  • Sweep the restroom, mop, and disinfect
  • Empty the garbage bags into the main trash can and replace the liners.
  • Arrange all furnishings in their proper positions.

Weekly Cleaning

Pick a specific day of the week for a more comprehensive cleaning which shall include:

  • disinfect surfaces including tables, shelves, filing cabinets, and other furniture.
  • Dust and use a disinfectant sprayed on microfiber to wipe desks, tables, keyboards, telephones, and other furnishings.
  • Perform high and low dusting, including the window sills, heating vents, and ledges.
  • Sweep all tiled surfaces in the office and mop with eco-friendly detergent.
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors within the office premise.

Monthly Cleaning

  • Clean the interiors and exteriors all windows in the office with a glass cleaner.
  • Spray buff all hard floor surfaces. Use the floor buffer at a low speed.
  • Polish all wooden furniture and objects in the office to maintain their luster.
  • Wipe all vertical surfaces of the office with a multi-purpose cleaner.
  • Vacuum chairs with fabric cover.

Regular cleaning is essential for all office premises. It not only helps create a healthy workspace for your staff, but an inviting environment for customers, and it keeps the office machines working optimally.  You will find this comprehensive guide to cleaning your office useful by means of what needs to be done and how often. However, the rigorous cleaning schedule requirements for an office can be overwhelming.

Hiring the service of a professional cleaning company would provide the best value for your business because they are equipped with the knowledge and the time. You focus on your business, ANBS focuses on the cleaning.

ANBS Building Services specializes in providing commercial cleaning services.  Our flexible daily, weekly and monthly cleaning services are designed to fit seamlessly with our client’s operations.

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