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by ARIA Commercial Cleaning Services

The benefits of using a professional cleaning service for your company are considerable and go beyond just aesthetics and fresh smelling air.

Hiring a commercial cleaner is a well-established method of maintaining your workspace. It is the most cost-effective way to keep a neat, clean and professional office environment. On-site janitorial service is an option but comes with all the hassle of employing new staff as well as the vulnerability to work absences.

It is important to have a clean working environment for the health and wellbeing of your workforce. Unsanitary conditions can lead to sickness and desks or other workspaces that are unappealing with dirt and clutter can lower morale as employees don’t feel valued or respected.

Reduced morale is not the only factor that can affect staff productivity, it can be reduced directly through unclean workspace too. Messy environments affect focus as a study by Harvard University called The Cluttered Desk Experiment.

cluttered desk experiment

The Cluttered Desk Experiment

Over one hundred students were randomly split into two groups and each individual was given an impossible puzzle to solve. The first group was supplied with a clean and tidy work environment and managed just short of nineteen minutes before giving up on the unsolvable task.

The second group was supplied with a dirty workspace cluttered with cups papers and other debris. The second group’s average was only eleven minutes – that’s a huge 42% less productive than the first group.

The conclusion of the study was that persistence with a difficult task was an indicator of self regulation and the ability to focus. The cluttered desk students in this experiment were not able to commit the same amount of mental resources to the task as the tidy desk students.

Don’t wait until things get out of hand at your company

Be proactive about the conditions you and your employees work in. Regular cleaning of the work environment gives an excellent first impression to visiting customers or business partners.Staff benefit from feeling more valued and are happier, more focused and more productive in their work when they are not faced with dirt and clutter.

Our advice is to find a commercial cleaning company with many years of experience, a broad range of services that include everything your office requires from general office cleaning services to specialist carpet cleaning.

There are many office cleaning companies in the marketplace so why would you pick us?

As a leader in commercial cleaning, hiring ARIA as your cleaning contractor gives you all of the advantages of an on-site office cleaner with none of the drawbacks. We have all of the equipment and we only use the best cleaning products. Our staff are trained to the highest standards, they work efficiently and are courteous professionals to their core.

We have the staff resilience to ensure that your cleaning needs are consistently met, and our work is consistent – we never skimp on the details. So whatever else the business world throws your way, you can rely on your work environment being clean and ready for your team to focus and give you 100%.

Call ARIA today to discuss your specific commercial cleaning needs. We are ready to get to work, and to provide you with all the benefits a truly professional cleaning service can provide.

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