Commercial Window Cleaning - Is it worth the cost?

by ARIA Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Window Cleaning - Should you hire a professional to wash your company's windows, do it yourself, or leave the windows dirty?

We know that the cleanliness of the windows on your business premises is not a top priority but take a few minutes to read this article; this is why you should address the matter now and how you can deal with it quickly, easily and with full confidence you have made the right business decision.

Professional window washing services can be seen as an extra expense that you just don’t need. You might assume that it is too time consuming to find a reliable company that delivers a quality service and as a basic cost-to-benefit analysis might show, windows still perform their function whether clean or not and if they get too dirty you just take care of it in house.

This would be a mistake and here’s why:

Your corporate image is important as it makes a statement about how you do business. Do you cut corners? Sweep mistakes under the rug? Allow problems to worsen unchecked? Of course you don’t, you tackle problems effectively and keep your house in order. The image of your company is conveyed through your public facing assets and this includes your business premises.

Don’t let potential clients and business partners form a negative first impression. Show them and the world that you have pride in your company. Your curb appeal may not be enough to clinch that deal on it’s own, but if it is bad with dirty windows it is certainly enough to put your prospects off and send them to your competitors. A professional window cleaning service is therefore is much more than a ‘nice to have,’ it is something that affects your core business and ultimately your bottom line.

Can I use my staff to Clean windows?

Using your staff as window washers is not cost effective. They have core roles to fulfill and are not trained in the handling of the chemicals and equipment needed to produce a high quality finish. Not to mention if any specialist high rise techniques or procedures are required. Non-professional window cleaners cannot perform to the same level and can end up costing more as their efforts have to be repeated or damage they cause rectified.

Leave them dirty?

This option may save you money in the short term but will end up costing you more in lost business and low productivity. The functional life of your window units, including the seals and mechanisms can be reduced through build up of grit and other organic matter. This build up can form an optimal environment for vegetation to take root if left unchecked. The only viable option therefore is to contract commercial window cleaning services. Read on to learn how this is the right decision from a business perspective.

Improve staff productivity and well being

Productivity is not only boosted by keeping your staff focused on their jobs and not window washing, there is a lot of science behind maintaining a clean and bright working environment. In a previous blog we mentioned The Cluttered Desk Experiment. The principal here is the same as you scale it up from the worker’s desk or immediate work area to the overall work environment.

The desire for natural light in the workplace outranks the desire for on-site childcare

Natural light and views of the outdoors provide such a beneficial effect on productivity and worker happiness that a Harvard Business Review article ranks it as the number one perk in the office environment. According to the article, natural light out ranks other potential perks like an on-site fitness centre and even premium perks like on-site childcare.

This article cites several recent studies to underpin the position on natural light. Absence of it causes tiredness and low mood and modern high levels of device screen time drive a desire for workers ‘to take a visual break such as going for a walk or looking through unobstructed windows to an outside view.’

One study cited by the article was by Cornell University. It concluded that workers exposed to natural light during their working day had significantly improved wellness. This included a 51% drop in eye strain, 63% drop in reported headaches and 56% drop in employee drowsiness.

A sound business decision

All business decisions have to make financial sense. Hiring a window cleaning company with superb customer service is the right call as it allows you to take full advantage of the most desired staff perk in America. If you could afford to offer on-site childcare to your staff I’m sure you would do so, but it may interest you to know that of all the companies in the Fortune 100 all of which can afford to offer childcare, only 5 of them do. All of them, however, ensure natural light is maximized to their workforce.

Benefits in summary:

  • Wellness benefits experienced by your staff
  • Improved productivity enjoyed by your company
  • Positive curb appeal attracting new business rather than driving it away
  • Longer lasting glazed units
  • Corporate prestige from hiring commercial window cleaners.

Why choose us?

In Los Angeles and Orange County window cleaning for corporate businesses is competitive and we welcome the competition. It keeps prices low for our clients and creates an expectation of excellence. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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