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There are many reasons to use a professional power washing company. We say that safety is the main reason but cost and performance are important too. Read this short article to see just how many hazards await you if you decide to do the power washing yourself.

Our power washing service is highly recommended for companies that have found that the exterior of their workplace could use some refreshment. Our high pressure washers can quickly and easily remove stains, brighten up hardscapes and bring a fresh new look to the parts of your estate that are so often overlooked.

Power washing, sometimes called pressure washing or jet washing, is something that can be done for both residential and commercial premises. There is a significant power difference when stepping up to commercial machines and with that extra power comes specialist training, techniques, safety awareness and performance.

Don’t make the mistake of using under-powered domestic machines for your corporate tasks.

Power washing looks easy, fun and like anyone can do it. For cleaning your driveway at home it is all of those things but here’s the difference when going professional:

  • High-pressure power washers can be dangerous – some machines can push water at such a high pressure that it can pierce the human body. This can result in ruptured internal organs leading to serious injury or death – see the section below for more details
  • Different surfaces react differently to intense pressure – an untrained operator could damage the surface they are trying to clean. Other surfaces may also be at risk from loose debris sent flying by high-pressure – chips and cracks to windows are fairly
    common with inexperienced operators
  • False economy – it might seem more cost-effective to buy a cheap power washer from Home Depot and give your business premises a blast yourself. This may turn out to be a costly mistake. If damage occurs and the final clean looks below standard, you’re only
    going to have to pay for the repairs and then hire a professional anyway. Also, have you considered all the laws and regulations you have to comply with?
  • Correct water management – hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water can be used in power washing tasks. Professionals know how to manage the excess water and prevent it from damaging plants, lawns and other surrounding surfaces
  • Top professional finish – anyone who has cleaned the driveways and pathways around their own home may have noticed a ripple-like effect on the surface. Or they may note that the dirt and grit dislodged by the washer has then settled back again. These are the
    mistakes of an amateur with a poor technique
  • Environmentally friendly – for most cases, only water is required. An inexperienced operator might be tempted to use the chemical surface cleaners that would be needed for a soft wash, whereas they are not required when working at high pressure. This
    results in unnecessary pollution to the environment as they may not mange the cleaning process in line with legislation and best practice
  • Under-powered, cheap washers cannot handle the volumes of water or generate the pressure required to achieve the desired high-quality effect

Dangerous Machines

It comes as a surprise to many people that pressure washers can be dangerous. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) acknowledges this in this factsheet relating to disaster clean up efforts. “The seriousness of high pressure injection injuries is generally underestimated.”

Wounds can appear small and insignificant but can result in major medical conditions.

Injection injuries, where water is pushed into a part of the body under high pressure is not the only hazard associated with powered pressure washers.

Debris sent flying by the jets of water from heavy duty spray guns can cause injuries and potentially damage parts of the building or nearby vehicles. Consider also, the effects of an untrained operator applying a powerful stream of water to a surface covered in lead-based paint, or asbestos. The debris and particles released into the air could have a huge effect on a great many people in the area.
Electric pressure washers bring another potentially lethal factor to manage. When using Electricity with water you have to know what you’re doing.

Gas pressure washers also present their own hazards. An inflammable substance in its liquid state, gasoline lets off toxic fumes when processed through an engine.

Professional Power Washing Company

The many hazards associated with power washing are why you should hire the professionals.

With us you can rest assured of:

  • Safety of all personnel, property and the environment
  • Fully compliant with all laws and regulations
  • Professional finish to a transformation that will astound
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Licensed, bonded and insured
  • Family business that cares about customer service

We have been offering our pressure washing services to LA and Orange County for many years and have a proven track record. Our many happy clients remark on our excellent customer service and extremely high standards of workmanship as the factors that set us apart from our competitors.

Our power wash operators are highly trained and experienced. They are able to identify the correct pressure and cleaning technique for different surfaces. They also manage their work area effectively to reduce/eliminate the risk to the safety of others.

The finish our power washing service can achieve for clients is remarkable and satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Contact us today for a quote and get a professional to deliver top-quality power washing for your company.

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